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Grade 10th lessons on Innovation & Strategy

20,000.00 8,000.00 Save 60%
Starting On 21/12/2020

Grade 10th lessons on Innovation & Strategy

Business is executing your thought process while taking care of world needs

20,000.00 8,000.00 Save 60%

8 week long, power-packed online course..

Starting On 21/12/2020

About a Course

8 week long, power-packed online course for students to be equipped in 6th class Mathematics

What is in the program?

  1. Grade 6 Text book complete syllabus
  2. Learning with Entertainment
  3. Maths for Entrepreneurs
  4. Maths and your future career
  5. Maths and real world
  6. Class room to Home room
  7. Unbox yourself
  8. Empower and promote learning to drive
  • IQ – Intelligent quotient
  • EQ – Emotional quotient
  • SQ – Social Quptient
  • LQ – Leadership & Innovation quotient

What you will get?

    1. Interactive live sessions
    2. Continuous Real world Projects and Assignments
    3. Assessments to drive Learning outcome
    4. IQ, EQ, SQ and LQ Test
    5. IQ, EQ, SQ and LQ certificates
    6. Grade 6 certificate empowered by SOW Campus

New Age Learning Methodology

  • #Ungame

    Experience the world

  • #Real World

    Solve real life problem

  • #Let me be real me

    Be a Hero

  • #Unlearn #Relearn #Unbox

    Show your Skills to the world

Why you should do it?


Students who have taken this course claiming

  • Increased Awareness about opportunities driven by Maths
  • More connectivity of Maths with real world
  • Awareness about worldwide smart Maths tools
  • Increased network
  • Improvement in Maths Score

What is required to enroll in course

    • Open mindset
    • Willingness to learn
    • Certifications driving more opportunities for them
    • Smart device and Internet connection(1 Mbps) to take classes
    • Any Student above class 6th can take this course

Course Learning pedagogy and Syllabus

  1. 25
    Academic Hrs.
  2. 60
    Days Course
  3. 20
    Live Classes
  4. 15
    Learning Material