Social Science

  1. CBSE Class 10th The History of Print Culture

    February 1st, 2021 by

    Printing has been a tool and even a weapon for revolution and information in society. In any epoch we scrutinise, the ideas have travelled through books, magazines, journals, pamphlets- Print! But do we know how these methods developed? The First Printed Books China, Japan and Korea were the earliest countries to begin printing books or […]

  2. CBSE Class 9th The First World War and the Russian Empire

    January 30th, 2021 by

    In the Russian Revolution of 1905, Tsar Nicholas II was forced by the revolutionaries to make a Parliament or Duma, however, the power to make the final judgement lay in his hands. Because of this, he had already dissolved the Parliament within 75 days and changed the voting patterns of the Parliament which was elected […]

  3. CBSE Class 9th The Russian Revolution of 1905

    January 27th, 2021 by

    The Socialist movement in Europe had spread like wildfire. However, it didn’t create an impact as expected and the government was still composed mostly of radicals and liberals. In Russia, the situation was opposite. The Socialist had upturned the power of monarchy and overtook the government rule through October Revolution of 1917.  Let’s look at […]

  4. CBSE Class 12th Secondary Human Activities

    January 25th, 2021 by

    We discussed economic activities and its first type- the primary activities, earlier. The activity which generates revenue is an economic activity, if the activity involves human interaction with the elements of the environment (animal or plant), it falls under the category of primary activity.  Secondary activity, on the other hand, adds value to the natural […]

  5. CBSE Class 11th The Origin and the Evolution of the Earth

    January 24th, 2021 by

    When you look at the sky, we see a lot of mystery. The stars at night, clouds in the morning and astronomical features like the comets, the falling stars, etc. The Earth in itself is a wonder. Let’s see how the universe in which we live came into existence. Early Theories of Origin of the […]

  6. CBSE Class 9th Socialism in Europe

    January 23rd, 2021 by

    The French Revolution ushered an era of major changes in the structure of the society. People thought about the condition they were currently living in and the opportunities denied to them as they belonged to a certain social class. The idea of “individual human rights” emerged which divided the society of Europe into Liberals, Radicals […]

  7. CBSE Class 12th Primary Human Activities

    January 22nd, 2021 by

    To live in a society, human beings, apart from basic necessities of cloth, food and shelter also need to generate income. This enables the humans to live in a civilized manner instead of having to hunt and scavenge for food everyday like the other species. Certain activities which ensure income generation are termed as Economic […]

  8. CBSE Class 11th Solar Radiation, Heat Balance and Temperature

    January 19th, 2021 by

    Life on earth is possible due to multiple reasons. One of them being the feature of the earth to radiate back all the heat energy it receives from the sun due to which it neither cools down nor warms up. Let’s see then, how the earth maintains heat enough to sustain life:  Solar Radiation Incoming […]

  9. CBSE Class 10th Nationalism in India

    January 18th, 2021 by

    The First World War, Khilafat and Non-Cooperation In the year 1919, nationalism and the fight against colonialism became synonymous. Under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi The Idea of Satyagraha, which he had successfully used to curb racism in South Africa in 1915, blossomed and united the nation. Over expenses from the world war led to […]