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Live Class
Noesis live classes offer ‘all – out’ classroom control to teachers

With Noesis live classes, in – situ trolling by the student participant has become a thing in the past. This ensures highly efficient, not distracted lecture deliveries every time. Teacher has full control of the class which include –

  • Deciding when and which student shall be allowed to speak in the
  • Asking student or multiple students to collaborate on the text editor platform
  • Allowing students to share or present something also is completely at the teacher’s discretion
Smooth Interactive White Board (IWB)

With comprehensive set of interactive tools like free –

  • Hand sketcher
  • Shapes
  • Text box

All with controls for colour and size, the IWB on Noesis live classes ensure that physical classroom experience is taken to the next level

Gamut of super useful tools

Tools like document broadcaster

  • In – situ Youtube video embedder
  • ‘On the fly’ polls and quizzes

Makes sure that Noesis live classes are loade with comprehensive set of features ensuring a super effective live class delivery

Automated recording and notes

All sessions are recorded by default and made available for later referencing along with the

  • In – situ teacher notes
Automated Assessments
Assessments lifecycle Automation

Schools on web's 5 step assessment life - cycle automation is a proven methodology of assessments conduction which when followed religiously will lead in saving at least 25% of teacher's time. This time along with deeper analysis can be used by the teachers in quick remedial measures with the students in need

  • STEP 1- One step assessment scheduling with the help of template assessments and question bank
  • STEP 2- Instant and omni channel student notification and timely reminders
  • STEP 3- Provision for omni channel assessment attempts i.e. on web and mobile
  • STEP 4- Auto evaluation of attempted objective questions
  • STEP 5- Instant feedback and corrective suggestions

The complete control of the live classes lies with the teacher or the moderator, this ensures a troll free seamless live class experience

Assignments and projects simplified on SOW

Managing assignments are now easy like 1,2,3 with Schools On Web’s comprehensive digital platform by your side –

  • STEP 1- Upload image or click image of the assignment question paper and schedule the assignment by selecting all or group of students
  • STEP 2- Students get notified and submit the assignments by uploading or clicking images their attempted assignments sheets
  • STEP 3- Teachers get notified of the submission, following which they choose to either grading the assignments thereby confirming the submissions or they may decide to request a re – submission with appropriate comments

The complete control of the live classes lies with the teacher or the moderator, this ensures a troll free seamless live class experience

Resolve Doubts
Get unstuck with SOW doubts workflow

In all obviousness it is only fair for students to get stuck with doubts or queries. On the SOW platform students can raise doubts and queries easily and route it to the respective teachers on designated SME s. The students get notified with the teacher or the SME s responds to the doubts.

The provision to add representative SME s to address doubts sheds added load and obligations off the teachers shoulders to address all doubts in timely manner

Create & Share Study Material
Customizable study plans for teachers

Got a video or notes you want to deliver to your students for reference? Want to be regarded as a super teacher in the SOW teaching fraternity? Do not hesitate to create your custom content on SOW and share it among the other faculty members.

Teachers who create killer content and keep it flowing in the community get extra brownie points and get one step closer in becoming a super teacher as a part of our nationwide hunt!

Organized Curriculum
Tailor made pedagogy templates catering diverse needs of schools

CBSE? ISCE? State board? board affiliations don’t matter, on SOW a school can customize the pedagogy on the digital platform. The robust curriculum management allows schools to customize learning delivery suiting their schools’ approach and vision to impart quality education to all.

Our team of experts can help you to create a digital template that will ensure seamless value based learning delivery at all levels and time

Teacher & Learner App
Anywhere anytime learning in all its glory!

A mobile first approach in developing the solutions ensures that our partner teachers and students are imparted quality education through mobile apps.

Students and teachers get seamless experience including attending live classes across web and mobile apps. Android , iOS or windows consistent learning and teaching experience across all platforms is something that we brag a lot about. What more, your school’s mobile app too is also a part of the free ‘all essentials’ package!

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