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Admin Product | October 26th, 2020
Internet of Things – Know all About the Latest Tech

We all have faced the hassle of untangling that long, fragile, stubborn wires of earphones. We have seen the way electrical wires are just stuck up together on electrical poles- enduring all weather conditions, a true display of human monstrosity blemishing the beauty of the blue planet.

Internet of Things or IoT is a wireless ecosystem of devices connected via transmitters, embedded sensors for the purpose of sharing data/internet.

The IoT enabled device will collect data, collate and transfer it through a gateway to a user interface or other back-end system for analysis.

Some devices also use Artificial Intelligence for data processing and producing results moderated according to the users. Mostly, the devices form an environment of communication and data transfer among themselves, although, humans can instruct to set them up.  

IoT has been in use among the transportation industry, medical industries, hospitality and many tech/non-tech companies to synchronize and share huge databases within the corporation. With the advent of the technological revolution, the tech-giant Alphabet has introduced IoT for households through Google Smart devices such as- Google Home, Google Voice recognition etc.

For the companies, IoT is an efficient way to manage user interest, collect and store data in cloud storage and process it to make their device function to achieve customer satisfaction. It also makes the companies observe what modifications, in general, should be made to improve the quality of the product. This quality of learning and improving in a device is termed as ‘smart’, hence called ‘Smart Device’.

For the user, this is beneficial because it gives aesthetic fulfillment along with fast processing. IoT products cover a limited area and can be set up anywhere within a certain range without having to worry about the wire length, entangling, tripping or mild electrocution.

It encourages ease of access from multi-device, hence, improving connectivity. India is an agrarian country. IoT can be used in agriculture to sense humidity, precipitation and other meteorological information to aid in farming activities. 

Being fairly new, there are certain threats posed at the IoT ecosystem and possible future problems as well. The more we go wireless, there is the threat of hacking attacks to increase, it will be a challenge for the tech companies to manage the unprecedented amount of data input. The use of Artificial Intelligence is a debated topic as it is seen as a replacement for humans, securing privacy along with unmatchable smooth experience is also a mind-boggling task. 

The future is unknown and mysterious. The present is here and in our control. The best we can do is make technology user-friendly, eco-friendly and secure. Internet of Things is also the Integration of Technology in our life. It will, therefore, not be long before we are in sync with the wireless ways of using devices.

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