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Admin Product | December 14th, 2020
World Energy Conservation Day

In the 21st century, the major population of the world depends on natural resources for the production of energy. This has led us closer to the inadvertent crisis of energy. The growing demand for energy use is caused due to the gargantuan population increase. There are other reasons that are causing the depletion of natural resources and leading to a common hesitation in adopting other methods of energy production, like, hydropower, nuclear energy, etc.

There is a shortage of oil due to over-consumption and lack of reliable electric or "Greener" alternatives. Elon Musk is a prominent figure when it comes down to green energy production. Tesla has invented vehicles inspired by complete independence from natural resources.

They are constantly developing innovative technology, like, electric automobiles, decrease in fuel consumption in space exploration missions or space exploration missions motivated by the need of the residents of Earth to find inter-planetary homes for housing the population and justified distribution of energy.

Unexplored energy sources, political turmoil, wars, delay in commissioning of powerhouses, poor infrastructure, poor distribution of energy resources are also major reasons behind the energy crisis.

"There is no energy crisis, only a crisis of ignorance."

R. Buckminster Fuller

While the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, abbreviated BEE, celebrates World Energy Conservation Day on December 14, each year, there are some people who do not believe in the fact that the issue of misuse or wastage of energy even exists. A total of 1.6 billion people in the world lack access to electricity. This is only true if we as a generation are inconsiderate about the future of our posterity.

No energy crisis is there if one only cares about how ''he/she" will live. The issue only exists if one adopts a broader outlook on the situation of the earth as a whole. This is the main cause of debate on international levels when the said argument is: "Is the energy crisis even real?"

To conserve energy is to conserve our future. This day is celebrated to analyze where we, as a nation and as a planet, stand on saving energy. The steps to conservation are as easy as eating cake.

Leaving the room? Switch off the lights. Going out with friends? Pool your car or use public conveyance. Don't get used to constant use of air conditioners or heaters during summer and winters respectively.

We consider ourselves the most evolved species. We can endure a little bit of weather change. Unless, of course, we are ardent on not changing our ways. Keep your refrigerator away from the wall. Use daylight wisely. Energy conservation habits are not only the need of the hour but also pocket-friendly.

Per capita, energy consumption determines the development of a nation. The over-use of energy directly affects the economy of a nation. We can through combined efforts reduce energy consumption. A single drop fills the entire ocean. Let us try just a little bit every day to conserve energy and make this world a more comfortable place to live in.

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