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admin | October 18th, 2020
5 Disadvantages of Education System

The legend of Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana is well known. It is the metaphorical victory of Good over Evil, Positivity over Negativity. On the occasion of Dussehra, let us introspect on the “evils” that are hindering our growth. 

This is an era of information and technology. A drawback of this is the confusion we are faced with when we want to choose our career path. There are so many options in the wake of which, we tend to forget what our interests are or what truly inspires us.

#1 Prioritizing grades over Understanding Concepts

Here is a scenario, you have opted for science subjects after 8th standard out of personal interest although, you are an average student when it comes to grades. Your friend, however, doesn’t have his/her basic concepts clear as much as you, yet, somehow ends up scoring more than you! You are stuck in a mental dilemma because who doesn’t want good grades, right? 

You get disheartened at continuous average grades and decide to not opt for science-based careers in the future out of fear of scoring low (even failing). Students in higher classes may relate to this scenario. 

The solution to this problem is educating yourself on the criteria of admission into institutes and subjects of your choice. Did you know 60% which is a below-average grade in Science is in fact, a top-notch performance in Art?

Grades are to be chased up to a certain extent as they determine your qualification in entrance exams, semester exams, etc. After you have qualified the minimum grade bar, grades mostly, become a matter of perspective and choice. So put an end to any grade related fear and prioritize enjoying your subjects.

#2 Opting a career path because it leads to early vocational life.

Most of the students do not know the “WHY” while choosing their career path. They are inspired by:

How quickly they will be able to acquire a job?

How much will the starting salary be, if and when, they get a job?

Such courses may seem lucrative when in school but later you will realize the gargantuan monotony of the daily job gaping at you. Remember the job is not boring, it is you who is bored with it! Therefore, explore your interests, strengths and weaknesses, then decide which career you want.

# 3 Unawareness

This is something which depends from one student to another. Sometimes, the student knows which subjects he/she likes but doesn’t know all the options available to him/her in the future.

It can come through internet surfing, attending career counseling sessions, attending webinars on careers even unrelated to your subjects so that you have a better insight into what is trending and how you can be a part of it.

# 4 Setting unrealistic goals and being impatient.

A budding problem now a days is impatience among teenagers and young adults. We fail to confront our weaknesses and work on them but we want quick success.

One thing that needs to be understood is that we all are like seeds sown in the ground but we do not sprout as the same plant. Some of us take our own time in developing a strong root system whereas some can become as tall as a shrub, pause, expand ourselves and continue growing again.

The point is, do not ponder unnecessarily over your failures. Ponder over why you failed instead. Develop insight and a vision of who you want to be and try not to rush. If you succeed early in life, retrospect into making yourself a better version of yourself. Keeping your mistakes in check makes you humble.

# 5 Peer pressure and disillusionment.

Being pressurized or feeling the need to be at par with your social group at the expense of your mental peace is peer pressure.

It is common among teenagers as they are still building their personality. However, if all you can think of is the new smartphone your friend has then it has reached an unacceptable level. This is when you stop yourself and check if you are completely focused on your studies.

A gadget, a new wardrobe, a new vehicle, etc will seem to be of no use if you spoil your education. There is a reason that elders refer to our school or college time as golden years in our life.

During this time, especially when one is in school, we are full of energy. Our retention power and the ability to learn new things is at its peak. It is analogous to a gadget with the latest software.

With time the gadget continues to the job but the efficiency decrease. It's better to not give in to peer pressure and compare yourself to meaningless stuff.

This Vijayadashmi, promise yourself to win over these major Ravanas in your life. It will be tough to not give in to your fears but acknowledging them is the first stepping stone to resolving them.

Stay focused and continue learning! 

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