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Admin Product | October 19th, 2020
Why EdTech is the New Normal?

Ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics, then invented the Papyrus rolls, the invention of the printing press in 1440 along with the influx of information from the literary Renaissance to transfer knowledge to posterity and to preserve it for a longer duration completely revolutionized the way we assimilated knowledge.

Now, it’s an era of “E-Knowledge”. There is an electronic medium available for almost everything- newspapers, magazines, books (literary or academic). There are entire electronic libraries available just a few searches away!

The academic arena has immensely profited from the new-age concept of Education in Technology or EdTech. Let us clarify that EdTech is not logging onto the computer to complete an assignment on MS-Word. EdTech is a universe where IT tools are similar to the planets revolving around the energy source- the Sun- education.

We don't have to worry about the notes we forgot to jot down during class, a word or a concept that we missed or seems incomprehensible, any book which is unavailable in the school library because all of this information of schools, universities, institutes is available on a platter for the student to feast upon from diverse online platforms which are determined to make the content from all good schools, colleges, etc, accessible to all. 

DIKSHA, SWAYAM are prime examples of EdTech. There are mobile applications available for accessing the entire content, like the NCERT app or the IGNOU app. EdTech is believed to be the way of education of today and tomorrow. It is beneficial for the student as well as the teacher.

From the teacher’s perspective, it is easier to reach the student population in remote areas, to be able to help the student groom without overburdening themselves. Teaching is considered the noblest vocation. With the help of technology in education, the teacher has the freedom to guide his/her students present anywhere on the planet. 

Within the teaching community, EdTech gives a platform to see and imbibe the methodologies that are most effective in a classroom.

They have a plethora of choices to recognize which example works best for a concept, the new researches being done in the concept. In short, teaching can go beyond the curriculum without confusing the student and making the classroom experience interesting.

From the student’s point of view, the benefits of EdTech are quite apparent. Being a student, you know you have help during regular classes, exams, late-night studying sessions, making projects, assignments and so much more. 

This is helpful even in higher education, students can research easily before diving into a Ph.D. degree, they can have student forum to discuss doubts among themselves or with the teacher.

In a classroom, it is sometimes difficult to give ear to all ideas presented by the students. EdTech platforms provide the opportunity to not only let your creativity soar but also to express it among students from all over the globe. Most EdTech platforms are cost-efficient and provide a demo class which aids the student make a choice tailored to his needs.

EdTech is the future of education manifested partly in the present. It is a grapevine bearing fruit to anyone who seeks guidance and loves to explore the academic and in extension the professional world as well.

Make your choice today and see how fun it is to learn with the right tools!


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