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Admin Product | October 31st, 2020
A Parent’s Perspective on Online Education

Imagine walking through the corridor for your parents-teachers meeting, with your heart beating against your chest like a woodpecker on a tree. As you enter your class there are five to six of your fellow classmates with their respective parents.

You greet your teacher and then your teacher talks about months of your behavior and performance in a matter of five to ten minutes, in which your report would be overshadowed by a more teacher-friendly student and sooner than you would expect the conversation would drift from your progress to unfair comparisons, sowing unnecessary complexes in child’s brain.

Online education today has less room for these unnecessary anxieties, with the primary focus being what one’s neighbor’s kid is good at but more on what your own kid finds difficult to do.

Personal regular engagement with the child has made it easier for teachers to get to students to understand them and mold them accordingly. With easily accessible teachers, parents could be in touch with them on almost a regular basis. They could literally sit with their children in their classroom and observe what their kids are having trouble with and what their children are good at.

Parents are shedding their traditional skin of ‘listen to us’, and are growing new one of ‘what’s good for our child’. 

In this era of internet classrooms, students are no more limited to course books and seven subjects, they could build their interest in any field which appeals to their senses and pursue it when they are of age. With access to a vast amount of information, parents participate in their child’s journey of this endless field of knowledge.

Rather than comparisons a child needs encouragement, rather than limitations a child needs opportunities, rather than judgment a child needs understanding.

Today online schooling has brought teachers, students and parents closely-knit together, it is no more about a statement of marks once in three months. Now, rather than discussing the ‘past performance’ of the child once in three months, the focus would be on the ‘future prospects’ of the child every single day.

Most of the parents share a common concern, concern regarding what kind of company their child keeps at school or even after school for that matter if their child attends his/her classes regularly. They get these answers only when there is a parent-teacher meeting, or in some cases when there is a note or a call from their institution.

Now, parents have school in their living room and teachers on their laptop screen. They could easily keep track of their kid’s time table and the company which he/she keeps. They could participate more in their child’s life and ultimately their future.

In the offline schooling system, there is an unfair disadvantage for some kids. While some kids would go back to their homes where their parents would be inquisitive and curious about happenings of their day, the lessons they learned, the homework they got etc., some kids would go back to their homes where their parents would not have time or would not consider it important enough.

While with online classes with attention and focus on improvement and growth of every single child, with the involvement of parents and inputs and guidance of teachers, that disadvantage would no longer be having its standing.

With parents being aware of daily classes and homework of the child and with regular feedback from the teacher no child would be left behind.

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