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Admin Product | October 15th, 2020
World Student Day

One’s time as a student is the most beautiful one for most when looked upon in nostalgia, or remembered in a nutshell, in our own time with nostalgia we tend to remember those times and think upon how simple and jovial those times were but that was not the case when one was actually living that reality when school was our whole plane of existence.

Deadlines, syllabus, exams, tests, reputation, sports, in some cases bullying, and more on a daily basis for a student whose only reality is school and only feedback are teachers and parents.

Expectations and pressure, parents could be pretty demanding when it comes to the academic performance of their child. With the advent of ‘coaching culture’, students are constantly under scrutiny, their mind would tend to get exhausted, with little or no time for their own interests or playtime, their young mind would soon be getting what we call corrupt or could suffer from anxiety or something worse like depression.

With constant pressure and unfair comparison with other students, students tend to develop inferiority complexes and aggressive behavior towards their environment.

With too much focus on academic studying, student’s other interests and callings may get overshadowed, other interests like art and sports require equal attention and equal respect.

But when that doesn’t happen their confidence tends to get affected, they get demotivated in the long run of life. When the narrow point of view of the life of teachers and parents affects the confidence of the child, the angst of it stays with the kid and may affect the child. Just an open mind and a little acceptance can create wonders for the future of a child.  A little encouragement and a pat on the back once in a while will work wonders for the future of a student. 

Children tend to turn a silent mouth and secretive if their words are seldom ignored, this silence can turn them unnecessary aggressive, or under-confident in their future.

When words of a child are ignored as being non-important and juvenile they create an outer layer of pretense and it gets very difficult after to reach them. Parents in their wear and tear of life don’t often take time out to talk to their kids, the problem which may not be that serious may reach higher proportions of disturbance in the young and juvenile brain of kids, hampering the developing years of that brain.

Bullying is a serious issue, some students go through that enormous insult that affects their young minds and hearts.

They mostly stay silent about it in fear of being ridiculed or made fun of, they should have a conversation about it rather they mostly form a defense mechanism where they look at the world through that narrow vision of ‘abuse or get abused’. Both the bully and the bullied need to be heard and talk to.

With love, affection, care, a little talk, a little respect, a little bit making them feel that they are not just any child but a beautiful piece of creation. All complexes of a kid can be negated!

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