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Admin Product | November 28th, 2020
4 Computer Languages to Know in 2021

Computers have become an integral part of our daily lives irrespective of the academic or professional field we belong to. To maintain compatibility with these gadgets it is necessary to communicate with them in their language of zeros and ones.

Programming languages help us to facilitate this process. In 2020, the already increasing graph of demand for professionals conversant in one or more computer languages saw a sharp rise owing to a major part of the world population working/ studying from our homes.

If you too are looking for a vocation in the concerned field or are curious to learn a computer language (because why not?), you can target some of the trending languages which will help you in your respective fields.


Comparative to other languages, Python is easier to learn and swift in execution. The code or syntax is lucid and can be embedded. This means that other programming languages can be integrated into python. It is compiled simultaneously while the code is written so the final code can be run immediately. Python is also suitable for the Internet of Things or IoT development as the code is portable or can be run on various machines. Although other computer languages are also used for IoT development Python scripting, owing to its flexibility, security and simplicity are preferred.


This is the most preferred computer language for IoT development. It works on a "Write once run anywhere" principle, i.e. a code written in Java on a device need not be compiled again on any other device (that is compatible with the language), it can be used as-is. It is majorly used for the development of android applications and enterprise-scale web applications (these are apps used by large enterprises, too complex for individuals to use or learn).


This is mostly the first or primary language that any computer student learns irrespective of the field he/ she chooses later. Even programmers learn it in their initial stages. It is clean, uses a simple set of keywords, has low-level access to memory, etc. Apple replaced C with Swift (another computer language) and certain other changes are being made day by day, yet C retains its popularity.


Pretty popular with the programmers, Golang is fairly similar to the C language in terms of its syntax and the fact that it is typed programming. It is developed by Google hence as expected from the IT giant, the language is more user-friendly. It can be used in distribution systems, cloud computing, and another large-scale programming.

These are a few languages that one can learn as a beginner or someone who wants to have a command over two or more computer languages. The more we are able to communicate our needs to our gadgets, the more-consumer-oriented they will become. These have become an almost natural part of the human habitat. A large portion of our ecosystem is dependent on our gadgets for better functionality and multi-tasking.

With the coming times, learning a computer language will become a regular part of our school curriculum. It already is, as students learn JAVA in their High School only. Soon, like coding, Computer Languages will also enter the regular syllabus as knowing how to communicate with our fellow species isn't enough.

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