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Admin Product | November 17th, 2020
National Epilepsy Day

"We are not contagious, we are courageous"

- An epilepsy warrior

Epilepsy is a heavily misunderstood disease, with over one-third population affected by this disease, it is expected of the people to be aware of it. Unfortunately, even after the advent of technology and science, there are certain misconceptions revolving around it.

It is a neurological disorder which results from certain brain anomaly causing temporary confused mental state, dumb-founded staring, twitching of the limbs and even recurrent episodes of seizures.

According to the World Health Organisation, 50 Million people are affected by Epilepsy, globally. This disorder was discovered by Dr. John Hughlings Jackson, a British neurologist. Before him, Greek philosopher, Hippocrates mentioned it and said: "epilambanem" had its center in the brain and that it mixed "humors" of the man.

November 17, is demarcated as National Epilepsy Day to spread awareness about it. In developing countries, adequate treatment is not provided, though epilepsy is treatable. In India, 10 million suffer from this.

The treatment can be broadly categorized as Mono (single drug) Therapy, Poly (multidrug) Therapy depending on the number of drugs prescribed. An epilepsy warrior doesn't just fight with the disease alone but also with the side effects of its cure as well. The medication of epilepsy is known to cause anxiety, suicidal thoughts, depression etc.

Being a healthy person is a wealth in itself.

We fail to value what we already have or what we do not accomplish through hard work. A person with such problems has to face the pressure of society which prefers all of us to be "normal" then face their inner insecurities and doubts as well. It is not easy being convalescent (regardless of the kind of disease).

There is a common myth and consequential misjudgment that epilepsy is a communicable disease. It is not but family history, vascular diseases, stroke, dementia, brain infection are some factors responsible. Also, children, women and people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease are more prone to develop epilepsy in old age.

An epileptic person can lead a perfect life.

A child suffering from it should not be given a biased treatment - positive or negative. This only inhibits his/her mental, social and emotional growth and he keeps thinking that he needs to be supported or provided for all the time or that he cannot be self-reliant.

What is required, apart from proper medical treatment is an all-time cure of love, respect and compassion. If you have a cold and someone offers you a tissue, it is a helpful gesture but if they ask you to never leave your house or room, then that is disturbing. Although, the two conditions cannot be juxtaposed; the intended message can be understood.

If you do not know about epilepsy or doubt that you may have it, do not hesitate in seeking awareness or medical help, whichever is needed. "Ignorance is bliss," says those who are blind to the bounty of knowledge.

Today, we can band together and educate ourselves because we cannot know when or where our knowledge can be helpful for whom.

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