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Admin Product | November 18th, 2020
Must-Have Features of any Online Learning Platform

After the pandemic, education has taken a complete new turn. From pens and paper, we have moved to e-books and e-classrooms. But, the experience hasn’t been completely smooth. Like every new change, it was a cumbersome experience. For teachers, the major problem was the speed and the technology gap. For students, the major concern was internet speed, uploading and downloading assignments, poor internet quality, etc.

It is important today, that we choose education and not depend on a single method of learning. Our schools follow curriculum that needs to be updated and the online learning platforms have been growing like mushrooms with appealing advertisements with less focus on content. 

In this NEO World of staying updated, parents, teachers, students need to take a step together as a community bent upon quality control and relevance of education in the future, not on mark sheets. For this, (if you are someone completely new to the concept of online learning), look for a platform which covers all facets of e-learning and takes care of skills which will soon be expected of a K-12 student.

Entrepreneurship, innovation, developing EdTech awareness and drawing out most from it are key areas where a K-12 Student should focus. Information about latest scholarships, trending career options, volunteering, internship opportunities- basically anything and everything that is a career booster for the students should be present at one place.

Once on such an online learning platform he/she does not have to look anywhere else at least for his/her education- related worries. This makes the student more focused by cutting out distractions usually occurring while surfing the internet and saves time. 

As a parent, the worry is the authenticity of the platform and if it is necessary because we still rely more on books than e-books. There are educational platforms which guarantee authentic content because they have experienced school teachers onboard.

The question is why pay the school fee and the online course if the teacher is the one as in your child’s school? The major advantage of online courses is that the teacher is free from the time limit of a 30 or 45 minute class. Here, he/she can apply their invaluable experience of years of teaching in a particular concept. 

For teachers, it is a good way to try their methodology in teaching when they are given a chance to share their words of wisdom with knowledge-thirsty students. They get to mentor and give new wings to their passion of teaching. Currently, schools and faculty feel left out in the K-12 section because of educational courses present elsewhere.

Choosing an online learning platform which encourages schools and teachers alike, to support them in making foundational learning available to all is a great initiative for the success of the teaching community.

Keeping these factors in mind, we should prepare ourselves for the change in rapid developments in education of our young minds. 

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