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Admin Product | November 15th, 2020
National Entrepreneurs Day

National entrepreneurs day is celebrated on the third Tuesday of November every year. This is celebrated to honor brilliant minds whose vision and radical thinking has paved the way for generations to come. Entrepreneurs are those brilliant minds who dare to dream and dare to achieve and build an empire out of nothing. 

With every entrepreneur that is born, thousands and sometimes lakhs of people find a way to sustain their livelihood. Entrepreneurs have revolutionized humanity since time immemorial, they are the ones who make humanity take big leaps of development. With every major idea of an entrepreneur, humanity develops and adopts a way of life, never thought of before.

With education, it is these entrepreneurs who made the gems of knowledge available to every doorstep. A new and better system introduced by them to ensure that children of this country and of this world learn in a better way. It is that entrepreneur's brain who thinks for every child, who wants to make education so easily accessible for every child, which could not be easily understood at other academic institutions.

With every idea entrepreneurs are modernizing and developing humanity’s way of living and thinking, they are developing the economy and generating employment as they do so. 

Taking every backlash from society, entrepreneurs have time and again worked wonders for society. Human’s major pillars of development may be technology, politics, art and culture or even as basic as time management of every human being can find its roots in some entrepreneur's brain. In their respect, this day is dedicated to those who invest their mind, body and soul for a cause, for an idea.

Entrepreneurship means being a leader yet being an employee, being generous yet being a spendthrift. Centuries by centuries these entrepreneurs have taken society twenty steps ahead of its time. They have been leading society before even the invention of these terms. Be it the invention of farming in prehistoric times, industrialization in the eighteenth century, or the digital boom of the twenty-first century. These daydreamers make their dreams visible to the whole society once they set their mind to it. 

They bear the risk of their time, money, career, personal life and much more for a vision, taking in society’s backlash along the way till these same people applaud for the same.

In these times many government policies have been launched to motivate these walking bundles of ideas, the idea of the government that India should be self-sufficient would soon be realized on the shoulders of entrepreneurs in the years to come. 

This year, that is 2020, National Entrepreneurs Day will be celebrated on November 17th. As you march through that day, making plans, creating dreams, right heartfelt gratitude to these visionaries who dream and make it happen. If there is someone around you with an itch of it, encourage them to dare a little. 

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