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Admin Product | October 27th, 2020
शैक्षिक आत्मनिर्भरता – भारत के भविष्य की धुरी।

Online education has resulted in different scenarios for various organizations. Unfortunately, only a handful of them has barely managed to thrive amidst pandemic when the rest of them have perished or succumbed to the harsh realities of these times. Schools from across the nation have switched to online learning mode and students and teachers are rightfully abiding by it. 

The important question that needs to be answered is whether schools are self-sufficient in making online education successful or not?

Largely, schools have curated a set of tools and platforms to enhance the online learning experience for their students. This includes virtual meeting applications like Zoom, Google Meet, CodeTantra etc.

Other institutions make sure that they provide their students with study materials in case online teaching is not feasible.

However, a lot of many schools lack the confidence needed to deal with these unprecedented challenges. When the pandemic hit the country, it did so in an uncertain manner and the planning to deal with that entropy couldn’t match the expectations.

The situation became better somehow and the lessons learned were put into practice for future courses of action. Now, the direction that we’re heading toward is the upcoming chapters of self-reliance, a process that can truly make our schools capable of their own to provide advanced education to all the students under any form of uncertainty. This form of the mechanism will truly contribute to the development of the nation and will be the leading factor of us moving forward.

Schools form the basic structure of our community and our society, hence, they carry on themselves a sense of responsibility for the young generation of students to lead them in happier, successful ways in their chosen fields of interest. 

The wisdom required to move towards a self-reliant future lies in our present and past. It is important that we learn from our mistakes and reinforce our strengths and values. Reimagining our nation for a better tomorrow goes through the processes of resource planning and careful implementation.

The future lies in getting the technology and the right skills to build multiple unique industries at home. A sense of self-dependency will play a key role in shaping our development and schools take an important position in the process.

They will have to take novel initiatives to inspire millions of students across the country to make their ideas and dreams come true and not let the worst of times affect our progress in any way. They are the flag bearers of an “ आत्मनिर्भर movement” that will empower us to become a leading force among hundreds of nations. 

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