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Admin Product | November 10th, 2020
Possible Changes in Mainstream Career Choices

Initially, career was about earning money, now it is more about making money with young minds with their toil and innovation doing what their soul and knowledge tell them to do. Earlier career was all about few options which you could count on your fingertips, to name a few it would be MBA, law, medical, etc students were never meant to question the system and they did what society told them to do.

What would be good for them? Government jobs were like a lost treasure found for a middle-class family student who was never introduced to an ample amount of options he could pursue. With a limited number of subjects taught in schools, with old school teachers imposing their own insecurity on young minds, with limited options to pursue namely arts, science, and commerce, their destiny was sealed.

With the boom in the online education system students have been introduced to what we can call an ocean of choices from what used to be a bucket of water.

They can explore their choices with an abundance of opportunities that were not available to them. They can opt for what was earlier a forbidden or an unconventional career. Online education provided a platform for those unconventional minds and a vision for their traditional parents. Parents who were earlier skeptical about what is right and what is wrong are getting more broad-minded and are thinking of new ways.

Being an artist, which was a supposed option only for rebels, lunatics, and students from well-established families is now being brought out into the open. Parents are accepting of their kids because they can see the growth of their kids in front of their eyes. They could find moral comfort from the seriousness of their teachers.

Careers like dancers, actors, performing arts are brought out into mainstream education because of online portals. With industry professionals teaching kids about the wear and tear of the job is to know more about the same lunacy and rebellion that was needed back in the day.

Careers like filmmaking, painting, music which were considered friends of the rich are now available for every kid to study.

Entrepreneurship, something which was earlier considered MBA's forte is now for anyone with a vision and a fair amount of leadership’s career option. It is entrepreneurs who brought this education to every doorstep with a loud knock, you just have to open your doors to it.

Getting high marks for high paying jobs is no longer a norm, this stereotype has been shattered by the boom of online education. Now students can learn any art form, any life skill, any workout regime under an authentic tutor, and make what will be a career of his choice. Rather than what was earlier career thought about by everyone except him/her.

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