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Admin Product | January 2nd, 2021
Why is Engineering a Popular Career Choice?

Science has been described as the cornerstone of our development. The latest developments, the reasoning behind phenomenon, the cause effect principle, etc, make science too interesting. No wonder a lot of students at school, prefer science as their primary field of study in formative years of their education. In fact, it is often marketed as the one field with the most “scope” in future. We all know the truth. 

Science includes numerous disciplines but an important one is: Engineering. It's probably true if we say that "engineers run the world" (or at least a significant part of it!). Millions of engineering aspirants appear for competitive exams across the country. It is a field with more candidates than the actual demand. This proves that the importance of engineering cannot be ever underestimated. After all, engineers are required in all walks of life. Let's see what this profession has to offer: 

Plethora of different applications. Engineering is a diverse field with flexible application of knowledge to almost any other field. Within engineering, civil , mechanical , electrical have been dominant choices in the past while the computer sciences are the recent trends. This unique flexibility and diversity, not-to-forget evergreen demand justifies engineering as a popular career choice for students. 

Highly Adaptive and Updated. During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, apart from the commendable efforts made by researchers, scientists and front-line workers, it was the engineers who worked tirelessly to execute the reaction strategies well and to provide invaluable technological assistance to keep everything up and running. Technology has saved countless human lives on multiple occasions- all thanks to the adaptive nature of engineers which think of a solution rather than the magnitude of the problem.

Interdisciplinary and can be readily combined with other practices. The phrase “engineers can do anything” may seem to be overly stated but in fact, holds some importance. Engineering can be readily combined with any other discipline and the fruits will be tremendous! That is why MBA after a B.Tech. degree has become a common trend. Engineers have shown that theirs is in fact an interdisciplinary art and will always be useful to any other strata of knowledge.

The Ultimate “Problem Solving” Field. The core of engineering has always been to take on difficult problems, use logic, principles, technical knowledge, whatever it takes to come up with potential solution(s). This quality cannot be undermined when sources of problems today are numerous but the problem solvers are only a few in number. Engineers spend most of their time in understanding problems and devising strategies to solve them as soon as possible. The urge to establish a “perfect system” puts engineers in such a coveted position and definitely, a respectful one.

Reaches beyond boundaries. Technology has never been associated with just one region or area in the world. It has become an entity that is to be shared with others, in order to enlighten them. It has always served a utilitarian purpose to humanity and for the very same reason, engineering is a sacred art which has its responsibilities and great amount of credibility that come with it. Advancements in technology are something that everyone looks forward to today.

A benchmark in technology is an important indicator of a nation’s success. Hence, the outcomes of the field of engineering have contributed towards promoting advancement of humanity and not become a point of division among the people. It is a discipline unlike any other which doesn’t take into consideration the socio-political factors in understanding its problems and formulations. 

Well, a lot can be said about engineering but one’s true passion and dedication is required to understand the true meaning of this profession and ultimately, extend it beyond its own expectations and current scope.

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